Media Interviews With Helen DaVita

Over the years it has been a great honour to meet so many people and animals and share my experiences. Below is a small selection of some of the interviews. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did participating and connecting.

Interview With Sacred Dance With Trance - Kathy Beltran & Helen DaVita

Interview with Helen DaVita for Sacred Dance with Trance Facebook Group. Helen is a Teacher, Mentor, Platform, Trance and Transfiguration Medium and so much more. She is also a Tutor with the Prestigious Arthur Findlay College . She has a slew of Cd's out and offers online classes as well. I am so grateful to her for sharing her unfoldment and loving guidance to all starting their sacred Trance journey.

Interview With We Don't Die Radio - Sandra Champlain & Helen DaVita

Arthur Findlay college tutor Helen DaVita is also a Course Organiser - developing new courses of learning and leading the teams of Tutors on her courses. Her work takes her across the world and she is also the creator of many audio CD & Video courses.   She is well regarded for her knowledge and understanding of working in the altered states and trance mediumship, mediumship in general, healing, meditation and animal therapies and communication.

A Fun Lecture On Plant Frequencies & Their Incredible Songs - Zwave Group & Helen DaVita

Recorded live with the Dutch group Zwave 9/1/2020. It was a really lovely evening and following the lecture, the students asked some great questions too, plus extremely generous to the animals welfare fund.Much gratitude for the opportunity to meet you all at Zwave.

Radio Interview Animal Communication with Ewan Irvine Castle FM & Helen DaVita

An early interview with Ewan Irvine on animal communication


Popular Psychic Instructor, Tracey Lockwood, “The Medium’s Medium”, host of the radio show “From a Medium’s Perspective” and her guests explore the tools of psychic mediumship, share stories and experiences from the other side, and help you develop your natural intuition.... Life looks different "From a Medium's Perspective" with your host Reverend Tracey Lockwood. 


Popular Psychic Educator, radio show host, Reverend Medium Tracey Lockwood and her guest Trance Medium, Trance Healer, teacher, Helen Davita talk about the practice of Trance Mediumship and Trance Healing!… join us and see what life looks like “From a Medium’s Perspective”

Teacher: Helen DaVita

Helen DaVita - a source par excellence! A teacher, writer and international speaker. Recognised on the global stage for inspiring the spiritual community.

In many ways, she's helped her students to find inspiration through her own experience, innovative teaching style, capacity to see the gift of every individual and academic study. As one esteemed colleague would often say to her "you never play safe - always brave enough to try something new and push the boundaries. Always enthusiastic for knowledge new and old."  

Helen's workshops have been hosted in venues across the world and she has been a teacher and course leader of the world renowned, Arthur Findlay College. She is also a former university lecturer.  

Helen retired from teaching in person, but her passion for writing and sharing her experience online, is what breathes life into this creative soul today!

Introducing Helen DaVita