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The Trance Enchantments Complete Series Audio Course & Downloads

Meet Your Guides trance enchantments part 1

Trance Enchantments Part 1

Knowing Your Inspirers

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Trance Enchantments Part 2

Trance Healing

CD image for Sitting for physical mediumship

Trance Enchantments Part 3

Sitting For Physical Mediumship

CD cover image attuning to the divine consciousness through trance

Trance Enchantments Part 4

Sitting To Blend With The Divine Soul

Experience the power of your spirit team. Know them by their presence and energetic signature

Learn step by step, the power of spirit healing in trance mediumship

Explore a deeper level of trance which can prepare you for any physical mediumship potential

Developing a deep blend and understanding of the soul and the infinite divine universal mind.

This audio course is absolutely for you if...

  • you have enthusiasm, an enquiring mind and a passion to explore trance mediumship
  • you would love to work in a deeply spiritual state to heal
  • whether developing or sitting for physical mediumship, progress it through the trance state
  • experience a deeper attunement, understanding of the soul and the infinite divine universal mind

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Trance mediumship is a natural way to access the divine creative mind that lies within us all. It's a natural state of consciousness that allows our highest intellect to open to the celestial intelligence that invented the stars, created the galaxies, and forged the entire cosmos. When we practice trance mediumship, we are tapping into this cosmic mind, the source, the God particle, which is available to everyone (just like breathing is available to everyone). Learning how to tap into this source of powerful creation is perhaps one of the most natural states of our being.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. I explain all the concepts

You won't until you try it. But I've been teaching for over 35 years now and if you are on a pathway of spiritual development, it can only enhance your connections. Whatever your interest in mediumship development exercises, trance is a wonderful way to bring the power of spirit closer.

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Great Mediumship Development Exercises For Trance


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