The Professional Diploma Of Animal Communication - Upgrade Course


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What To Expect

The course is all about you completing your practical assignments. You have already watched all the videos, learned the theory, had a few practice runs. Now it's time to earn that professional diploma from one of the world's leading online training providers. We will provide you with additional downloads and revision materials - including templates for those assignments - not to mention a discussion area, so that you can receive support from your teacher and other animal communicators like yourself.

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1. Complete your animal communication consultations

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2. Submit your online assignments

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3. Receive your diploma of animal communication

After many requests - we responded to the calls to become professional animal communicators

Teacher: Helen DaVita

A teacher, mentor, writer and international speaker. She is recognised as a Spiritual Development Teacher to the spiritual community worldwide, inspired through her own experiences, she has developed a teaching style which encourages the development of the student to the next level. Helen is a former teacher and course organiser of the Arthur Findlay College. Her workshops have been hosted in many venues across the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, USA, and Australia. Helen is qualified to teach the teacher and has spent several years developing enriching programmes of online learning. She is an approved training provider for the IICT

Introducing Helen DaVita

Course Curriculum


If you have purchased and studied 'THE ULTIMATE ANIMAL COMMUNICATION COURSE ONLINE' & optionally, the 'THE ANIMAL COMMUNICATION GUIDE TO ASSISTING MISSING ANIMALS.' this is the next logical step to making your hard work pay for you and support the animals, with an approved Diploma in Animal Communication.

If you are the start of animal communication and want to get all the courses, you have an option to add them at the checkout. You will save money too as the deal is less cost than buying them all separately.

Your initial courses in animal communication are very heavily based on video lessons. With this upgrade, you are putting everything you learned into practice and submitting your consultations. So it is not a video based course. Included is practical advice, a little revision, some extra tips, plus all the downloads you will need to complete the diploma course.

Absolutely! We can't do the practical consultations for you, but we can provide support. Throughout the course lessons, you can start and contribute to discussions. You automatically become part of our animal communicator family and we have a private Facebook group you can join. Here you can share your inspiration, progress and support for each other. It's all here if you wish to join in.

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